Powell-Peralta project was for my first web design one course at RMCAD. This was an extremely fun project for me digging into the 90's feel of skateboarding. For this I created HTML/CSS from scratch to create this new design for Powell-Peralta. 
To see here is the link: Powell-Peralta Website Redesign
Powell-Peralta Home Page
Powell-Peralta Home Tab Page
Powell-Peralta Products Page
Powell-Peralta About Page
Powell-Peralta Media Page
Powell-Peralta Team
Powell-Peralta Location Page
Powell Peralta Mock Ups
Mars One website was created in my web design two course at RMCAD. We each got to pick a topic that we wanted to do a website on, in each week we added new elements to the website, for example, a count down clock, illustrations, navigation menu, etc.. 
Here is the link to see: Mars One
Mars One Home Page
Mars One Countdown Clock
Mars One Current Mission Status
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